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Mayim Sela is an ICT solutions integrator catering to data intensive industries. We provide a wide range of innovative products and services to achieve resource efficiency, regulatory compliance and data insights.

Our History | Mayim Sela

How it all began…

A few years ago, our founders had a cup of coffee. On that day, Rogelio and Erik talked about their objectives, acknowledging that the world needed (and still does), men who perform with integrity and high standards… (more…)

Where we’re going…

We want to be the IT service partner of choice! If there are executives implementing digital transformation strategies in any part of the world, we want to be in their top of mind! We want to be recognized for our integrity, quality and results. We want to be a tangible asset for the corporations they represent or own, as well as to their lives.

What drives us…

We want happy and satisfied clients! We achieve this by always giving our best effort in everything we do and by integrating innovative and disruptive ICT solutions and services, that ensure regulatory compliance, resource efficiency and investment optimization.


Mayim Sela?

Mayim Sela is a Hebrew phrase meaning “water that flows in abundance”. It has its origin in the Old Testament of the Bible and has become our way of thinking, living and performing… (more…)

Stay tuned!


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